The Cigar Lounge at The Rack House Kitchen Wine Whiskey



The Rack House Kitchen Wine Whiskey offers a St. Charles County Cigar Lounge experience that is unmatched. The ventilated cigar lounge has over 40 selections of some of the biggest names in the industry such as Rocky Patel, Ashton, Alec Bradley, AJ Fernandez, Macanudo, Romeo y Juliet, and Aerturo Fuente just to name a few.  Relax in the plush chairs to enjoy the game on our 60” flat screen or in the more private loft area. Take advantage of full service to our drink and food menu while you enjoy your smoke. Excellent ventilation means you won’t walk out smelling like an ashtray.  And if you don’t have time to enjoy you’re stick here, you can buy cigars to take home!

Our cutters and lighters are available for your use, but please be considerate of others by leaving them on the tables for everyone to use. Our goal is to make everyone feel welcome and to share our enthusiasm of fine tobacco with all…from the first timer to the aficionado. If you’re inexperienced, please feel free to ask our staff for advice, we’ll be happy to assist.

Want to keep your cigars at The Cigar Lounge?

We have a few open spots left in the cigar locker.  Check with us about monthly rates and membership discounts.
The Rack House Kitchen Wine Whiskey provides a unique cigar smoking experience that is rare in not only St. Charles County, but the entire metro area!

Cigar Humidor/Locker Rental Agreement

 $35/month rental per single Cigar Locker (one member)

  • Engraved name plate free
  • 5% off all food and cigar purchases (does not include drinks or merchandise)
  • Exclusive special discounts available
  • Box discount prices
  • Add additional membersfor $10/month up to a total of 4 members per single Cigar Locker.

Discount for 6 mo upfront payment = 5% (save $10.50 on single member locker, $19.50 on 4)

Discount for 12 mo upfront payment =7% (save $29.40 on single member locker $54.60 on 4)

Cigar Lounge Merchandise

We're proud to carry Lotus and Vertigo cigar merchandise.
Looking for a cigar merchandise?  Need a cutter, lighter, or ashtray?  Either for yourself or as a gift for the cigar lover in your life?  Look no further than our selection of Lotus and Vertigo products.  We also carry maintenance items such as butane, hygrometers, and humidification beads. Cigar merchandise and prices listed are listed below.  Several of the lighters and cutters are available in different colors. Cigar merchandise is located in the atrium of our ventilated cigar lounge. Prices do not include tax on listed cigar merchandise.  
  • Lotus Bullseye Ashtray

    • $44.99

    Innovative 2-ring design for any cigar size!

  • Lotus Voyager Ashtray

    • $44.99

    Multiple cigar rests let you rest your cigar from any angle

  • Lotus Carbon Mesh Cigar Humidor

    • $99.99

    Spanish cedar lining, removable divider, analog hygrometer.  4.5" x 10.5" x 8.75"

  • Lotus Prestige Cutter

    • $35.99

    60-ring gauge cutter with stainless steel twin blades.  Spring loaded mechanism

  • Lotus Deception Cutter

    • $26.99

    62-ring gauge, twin stainless steal blades, contoured grip

  • Lotus Fury Cutter

    • $53.99

    76-ring gauge, single and double action retracting stainless steal blades, spring loaded, locking mechanism

  • Lotus Jaws V-Cutter

    • $35.99

    Serrated guillotine V-cut, fits up to a 64-ring gauge

  • Lotus Jaws Cutter

    • $26.99

    58-ring gauge double action stainless steal blades

  • Vertigo Cyclone Lighter

    • $8.99

    Triple wind resistant torch flames

  • Vertigo Beer Buddy Lighter

    • $13.99

    Wind proof coil flame, built in bottle opener, large flame adjuster

  • Vertigo Bullet Lighter

    • $22.99

    Double wind resistant torch flames, retractable cigar punch, large flame adjuster

  • Vertigo Hornet Lighter

    • $6.99

    Four wind resistant torch flames, child safe ignition

  • Vertigo Inferno Lighter

    • $17.99

    Triple wind resistant torch flames, fold out cigar punch

  • Vertigo Spectre Lighter

    • $13.99

    Four wind resistant torch flames, fold out cigar punch, single action ignition

  • Lotus Commander Lighter

    • $53.99

    triple pinpoint wind resistant tourch flames

  • Lotus Apollo Lighter

    • $89.99

    Twin pinpoint wind resistant torch flames with integrated 8mm cigar punch, large flame adjuster

  • Lotus Scorpion Lighter

    • $71.99

    Twin pinpoint wind resistant torch flames, integrated 9mm cigar punch, single action ignition

  • Lotus Fury Lighter

    • $53.99

    Twin pinpoint torch flames, integrated 9mm cigar punch, single action ignition

  • Lotus 5 & 10 stick Travel Humidors

    • 10 stick $34.99
    • 5 stick $24.99

    Watertight, airtight impact resistant construction.  Available in either 5 or 10 stick 

  • Lotus Butane

    • 400ml $7.99
    • 90ml $3.99

    6-stage total purity process, vitually no residue or contaminants.  

  • Ciguardian Gel Beads

    • 4 oz. $8.99

    Humidifies 50-100 cigars

  • Cigardian Propylene Glycol Solution

    • 16 oz. $10.99
    • 8 oz. $6.99

    Eliminates peaks and valleys in humidity while maintaining a precise 70% humidity, 99.9% pure

  • Digital Hyrometer

    • $17.99

    Reads both temperature and humidity