The winemaking traditions of the Pavans began in 1919. Today Vini Pavan is a winery of considerable dimensions using state-of-the-art technologies, while honoring time old traditions.  The Moscato grape is primarily planted in two different regions of Italy, Piemonte and Vento – each with distinctly different flavor profiles. Piemonte Moscatos offer stone fruit flavors of peach and nectarine, and Veneto Moscatos offer ripe melon and green apple flavors. The Pavan Moscato is produced entirely in Veneto. Moscato wines are almost always sweet, low in alcohol, and typically frizzante or sparkling.

Fragrant and generous, these wines offer the tastes and traditions of the culture of Veneto. These attributes have been passed on through the generations by a family operated winery that has successfully combined dedication with innovation.  The Moscato grapes from the Colli Eugane Vineyard, about 650 feet above sea level.  The vineyard is home to 24 acres reserved for Moscato vines and produce about 4000 cases to be imported.